Electric Scooters: In a delightful turn of events for electric scooter enthusiasts, Ola Electric has made their S1 electric scooter even more enticing with a substantial price drop. The company recently announced a flat discount of Rs 20,000, significantly reducing the ex-showroom price of the Ola S1 to just Rs 89,999. This exciting price reduction is part of Ola Electric’s ‘December to Remember’ scheme, making it an ideal time to consider this eco-friendly mode of transportation.

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But that’s not all—Ola Electric is going the extra mile to sweeten the deal for potential buyers. The company is offering a range of finance offers for their electric vehicle (EV) lineup. These offers include discounts of up to Rs 5,000 on select credit cards, the convenience of zero down payment, zero processing fees, and incredibly low-interest rates starting at just 6.99 percent. These financial incentives are designed to make owning an Ola electric scooter even more accessible to a wider audience.

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This exciting announcement from Ola Electric comes shortly after Bengaluru-based EV startup Simple Energy unveiled plans to introduce an affordable variant of its debut electric scooter, the Simple One, on December 15. It appears that competition in the EV market is driving companies to provide better deals and options for consumers, which is undoubtedly a win for those considering a shift to electric mobility.

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The Ola S1 is not just about affordability—it’s a high-performing electric scooter. Powered by a 6kW motor, the S1 boasts impressive acceleration, going from 0 to 40 km/h in just 3.3 seconds. With a top speed of up to 90 km/hour, it offers both efficiency and excitement in one package.

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Ola Electric has also expanded its S1 electric scooter portfolio to cater to diverse consumer preferences. In addition to the standard S1 model, the company now offers the S1 Pro Second Generation, priced at Rs 1.48 lakh, and the S1 Air, available for Rs 1.20 lakh ex-showroom. These variants provide a range of options to meet different needs and budgets.

For those seeking the most affordable option, Ola offers the S1X, available in three distinct variants. These include the S1 3kWh and S1, each designed to provide efficient and eco-conscious transportation.

ola electric scooter
ola electric scooter

With Ola Electric’s price drop and attractive finance offers, owning an electric scooter has never been more appealing. As the electric mobility revolution continues to gain momentum in India, Ola Electric is leading the charge in making eco-friendly transportation accessible to a broader audience. So, if you’ve been considering a switch to electric mobility, now might be the perfect time to run and get all the details on the Ola S1’s price and range before making your purchase—a December to remember, indeed!

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