Hero Splendor Plus Xtreme has become a popular choice among people as it has been winning the hearts of customers in the big auto companies in India. The bike is packed with features that have made it a top preference for buyers. If buying a new bike is not within your budget, there is no need to worry, as the second-hand models are also creating a buzz in the market. Purchasing a second-hand Hero Splendor Plus Xtreme can be a money-saving dream come true.

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The second-hand bike offers great value for money, and it is like a golden offer for buyers. The features of the bike are worth knowing, and reading our article will make it a top choice for everyone.

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The showroom price of Hero Splendor Plus Xtreme in India has been set at Rs. 73,200 and the on-road price is Rs. 88,041, which is also like a golden offer. If the budget for a new purchase is not feasible, then worrying is unnecessary. Buying a second-hand bike at a very low price can also be like a golden offer. The second-hand bike has been listed on a website from where you can buy it at a very low price and bring it home.

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For selling purposes, Hero Splendor Plus Xtreme has been listed on OLX, and the bike, which is nearly one and a half years old, has been priced at Rs. 30,000. If you miss the chance to sell, then you will regret. According to the media reports, this article has been published based on the information received.

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Hero Splendor Plus Xtreme
Hero Splendor Plus Xtreme


– Hero Splendor Plus XTec bike is winning the hearts of people with its features
– The second-hand models of the bike are available in the market, providing an opportunity for cost savings
– The showroom price for Hero Splendor Plus XTec is 73,200 rupees, with an on-road price of 88,041 rupees
– The bike is available for sale on OLX, with a second-hand model priced at 30,000 rupees
– The official price of the bike has not been confirmed, and the article is based on media reports.

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