A Start-Up founder has complained about how the airbag of his MG Hector did not open during a severe accident. The accident occurred when the Hector collided with an electricity pole and as a result, the entire front portion of the car was damaged. The sun roof, roof, window frame, and other parts of the vehicle were severely damaged in the accident, but fortunately, the passengers were able to safely exit the vehicle without any injuries.

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The owner of the MG Hector shared the incident on LinkedIn, expressing his concerns about the lack of safety measures in the car. The car involved in the accident was a top-end MG Hector Plus petrol variant, equipped with six airbags, none of which opened during the collision. The owner claimed that there was a malfunction in the airbags, which resulted in them not deploying during the accident.

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When the car was taken to the service center, officials informed the owner that the airbags didn’t open because the vehicle did not collide with the trigger point of the electricity pole. This highlights the complexity of airbag deployment and the specific conditions required for them to be triggered.

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Airbags are considered to be a supplemental safety measure in vehicles, providing additional protection to passengers in the event of a collision. They are designed to work in conjunction with the vehicle’s structural integrity and seat belts to ensure passenger safety. However, there are several reasons why airbags may not deploy in an accident, including issues with the accelerator sensor, secondary impacts, unnecessary deployment, seat belt non-usage, and aftermarket accessories interfering with the sensor.

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Lastly, the malfunction of airbags in the MG Hector highlights the importance of regular vehicle safety checks and proper maintenance of safety features. It also emphasizes the need for awareness and understanding of the factors that can affect airbag deployment in the event of an accident. Vehicle owners should always prioritize safety and ensure that all safety features are functioning properly to minimize the risk of injury in the event of a collision.


Points from the article:
1. The founder of a startup shared a complaint on LinkedIn about the airbags of his MG Hector not opening after a collision with an electric pole, which caused extensive damage to the vehicle.
2. The owner shared that the airbag did not open because the collision did not hit the trigger point of the vehicle.
3. The article also explains reasons why airbags may not deploy in a collision, such as a faulty accelerometer, secondary impact, unnecessary deployment, failure to use seat belts, and aftermarket accessories interfering with the sensors.

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