Bajaj has launched its new Chetak electric scooter with two new variants. The standard model is priced at 1.15 lakh rupees, while the top model is priced at 1.21 lakh rupees. The company claims that these new models will offer more range compared to the previous version. Previously, the scooter had a range of 108 km, but now it will provide a range of 113 km.

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One of the notable changes in the new Chetak is the big 2.9 kWh battery. As part of the new update, it will come with an LCD screen, which will enhance its overall appeal. However, in some aspects, it has fallen behind the old Chetak. The previous Chetak had an 800-watt charger, while the new one has a 650-watt charger, resulting in increased charging time. Previously, it could be charged in 5 hours, but now it will take 6 hours to charge.

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There haven’t been any changes in the features of the new model. In terms of safety, it has drum brakes. Additionally, it comes equipped with a speedometer, odometer, distance to empty, clock, and more. The scooter is still capable of providing a convenient ride.

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Experts still believe that the price of the scooter is quite high considering its features. However, the company may be able to manage it with offers. The price plays a significant role in the Indian market. Bajaj is aware of this and wants to keep its price competitive. Recently, Ola also launched its S1 X, which is priced at a lower range. It has received good booking numbers, and Bajaj hopes that the Chetak will also be well-received by customers.

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Chetak electric scooter
Chetak electric scooter


1. Bajaj has launched its new Chetak electric scooter with two new variants, priced at 1.15 lakh and 1.21 lakh rupees.
2. The new Chetak model offers increased range compared to the previous model, with a range of 113 km.
3. The scooter features a 2.9 kWh battery and an LCD screen, but has a reduced charging power resulting in longer charging times.
4. The safety features, including drum brakes, speedometer, odometer, distance-to-empty, and clock, remain unchanged.
5. Experts feel that the price of the scooter is high considering its features, but Bajaj aims to compete on price in the Indian market.
6. The new Chetak competes with Ola’s S1 X, which has a lower price, and Bajaj hopes it will be well-received by customers.

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