In the commuter segment, Honda has been continuously expanding its offerings. Recently, a new bike named Unicorn 160 was launched, and it has already started turning heads. This bike is said to have the ability to compete with lower range sports bikes in terms of performance.

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Another bike that Honda has introduced in this range is the SP 160. For those who are considering buying one of these bikes but can’t decide which one to go for, we have come up with a solution to make the decision easier. Let’s find out how to choose the best bike for yourself.

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The price of both bikes is not very different, so it becomes quite difficult to choose which one is better. To make it easier for you, here is detailed information about both bikes. The SP 160 features a 162cc single-cylinder engine that produces 13.27 horsepower and 14.58 Nm of torque with a 5-speed manual gearbox. It has a fuel tank capacity of 12 liters. On the other hand, the Honda Unicorn comes with a 162.7cc single-cylinder engine that can produce 12.73 horsepower and 14 Nm of torque. Its fuel tank capacity is 13 liters.

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In terms of features, the SP 160 comes with telescopic front forks and single-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS) for safety. It also has a digital instrument cluster, gear indicator, and LED headlight/tail light. The Honda Unicorn, on the other hand, has telescopic and monoshock suspension. The bike’s front and rear wheel are leashed with the single-channel anti-lock braking system. However, it comes with an analog display and halogen lighting.

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As for the pricing, there is a difference in the prices of different variants of the bikes. The ex-showroom price of the SP 160 ranges from 1,17,500 rupees for the single disc variant to 1,21,900 rupees for the double disc variant. The ex-showroom price of the Honda Unicorn is 1,10,000 rupees. These prices remain the same everywhere, but the on-road price may vary depending on the city.

So, both bikes have their own set of features and prices, and the choice between the two would depend on individual preferences and requirements. Whether it’s the SP 160 or the Unicorn 160, Honda is adding valuable options to the commuter segment with these new offerings.


– Honda has recently launched the Unicorn 160 in the commuter segment, boasting high performance capabilities.
– They have also introduced the SP 160 in the same range, creating a dilemma for buyers deciding between the two bikes.
– The SP 160 features a 162cc single-cylinder engine producing 13.27 horsepower and 14.58 Nm torque, with a 12-liter fuel tank, while the Unicorn 160 has a 162.7cc single-cylinder engine generating 12.73 horsepower and 14 Nm torque, with a 13-liter fuel tank.
– The SP 160 is equipped with telescopic forks, single-channel anti-lock braking system (ABS), digital instrument cluster, gear indicator, and LED headlights/taillights, while the Unicorn 160 has telescopic and monoshock suspension, single-channel ABS, analog display, and halogen lighting.
– The SP 160’s ex-showroom price for the single-disc variant is ₹1,17,500, and ₹1,21,900 for the double-disc variant, while the Unicorn 160’s ex-showroom price is ₹1,10,000. On-road prices may vary based on location.

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