Bajaj Auto is gearing up to update the lineup of its Chetak Electric Scooter in the coming months. The company is preparing to reveal the updates that will be included in the new version, with expectations of several enhancements including a larger battery and increased range. The new Bajaj Chetak is expected to be equipped with a 4.25kWh BLDC electric motor, indicating that it will be capable of offering better performance and increased range.

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According to sources, it has been revealed that the new model will feature a larger 3.2kWh battery pack, providing a certified range of 126 kilometers, as compared to the current Chetak electric scooter which comes with a 2.9kWh battery pack offering a range of 113 kilometers.

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In addition, the updated model may also come with a TFT color display, which is expected to be approximately 5-7 inches in size. It could also feature smartphone connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation capabilities.

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Furthermore, there are no expected changes to the scooter’s dimensions, with a length of 1894mm, width of 725mm, height of 1132mm, and wheelbase of 1330mm expected to remain the same. It is also anticipated that the new premium variant might be approximately 3 kilograms lighter. The company is also testing a new bike, with expectations that it could be India’s first CNG-powered motorcycle.

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In terms of sales, Bajaj Auto’s total sales in November increased by 31 percent on an annual basis to reach 4,03,003 units, compared to 3,06,719 units in November 2022. The company also reported a 69 percent increase in total domestic sales last month, reaching 2,57,744 units, as compared to 1,52,883 units in November 2022.

It is evident that Bajaj Auto is making significant strides in the electric scooter market with its updated Chetak lineup and overall increase in sales. This indicates the company’s commitment to innovation and growth in the electric vehicle segment.

Chetak Electric Scooter
Chetak Electric Scooter


1. Bajaj Auto is preparing to update its Chetak Electric Scooter lineup in the coming months with several enhancements, including a larger battery and increased range.
2. The new Bajaj Chetak will be powered by a 4.25kWh BLDC electric motor, offering better performance and increased range.
3. It is expected to feature a larger 3.2kWh battery pack, providing a 126 km ARAI-certified range, as well as a TFT color display and smartphone connectivity.
4. The dimensions of the scooter are expected to remain the same, with a new premium variant likely to be around 3 kilograms lighter.
5. Bajaj Auto’s sales have increased significantly, with total domestic sales rising by 69% in the past month.
6. Bajaj Auto is also testing a new bike that is expected to be India’s first CNG-powered motorcycle.

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