Made in India iPhone: The dynamics of global manufacturing are shifting, and a significant development in this landscape is the entry of India’s Tata Group into the production of iPhones, a move that could have a profound impact on the current India-China economic scenario. The production of one of the world’s most popular smartphones, the iPhone, in India by Tata, a stalwart Indian company, is poised to be a game-changer, potentially sending ripples through international trade and manufacturing sectors.

Tata Group, through its company Tata Electronics Private Limited (TEPL), has made a strategic acquisition by purchasing Wistron Infocom Manufacturing Private Limited for a substantial $125 million (approximately Rs 1000 crore). This acquisition is a clear indicator of Tata’s intent and capabilities in the field of high-tech manufacturing.

Wistron, a name well-known in the tech manufacturing industry, first established its presence in India in 2008. It gained prominence by starting the production of iPhones for Apple in 2017. Notably, this plant was responsible for the manufacturing of the iPhone 14 model. Housing more than 10,000 workers, the plant represents a significant employment and production hub.

The acquisition of Wistron by Tata marks the exit of Wistron from the Indian market, paving the way for Tata to make its mark in the smartphone manufacturing industry. It is noteworthy that other major companies like Pegatron and Foxconn are also involved in iPhone production in India. Tata’s entry into this domain signifies a notable shift, introducing a homegrown Indian entity into a field dominated by foreign corporations.

This move by Tata is not just a business decision but also a strategic maneuver in the broader context of India’s manufacturing ambitions and its position in the global supply chain. The shift towards manufacturing iPhones in India aligns with the country’s broader push for self-reliance and technological advancement. Moreover, this development could serve as an impetus for other major tech companies to consider India as a viable manufacturing hub, potentially leading to increased job opportunities and technological proliferation within the country.

Made in India iPhone
Made in India iPhone

Tata’s venture into iPhone production in India is a significant step forward for the Indian manufacturing sector. It highlights the potential of Indian companies to participate in and contribute to high-tech manufacturing on a global scale. This development not only bolsters India’s position in the global market but also represents a strategic shift in the technological and economic landscape, potentially altering the balance of manufacturing power in the region.

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