The Maruti Alto CNG, an affordable car that boasts both great performance and cost-effectiveness, is attracting many buyers this Diwali. With a budget of around ₹5 lakh, you can now purchase the new Maruti Alto. The best part is that you can get the CNG variant of the Maruti Alto for 5 lakh, without having to wait for delivery. The car can be delivered within two weeks, making it convenient for buyers.

The Maruti Alto has been widely popular in the Indian market for its excellent sales record. The company recently revealed that it has sold 45 lakh units of the car, reflecting its high demand. With the introduction of the CNG variant, the car’s reach has expanded even further. The Maruti Alto CNG offers a mileage of up to 30 kilometers per kilogram of CNG.

The car comes with various features, including a sleek and modern design. It is equipped with a black interior theme, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a 3-spoke steering wheel, AC vents, power windows, central console, steering-mounted controls, and digital instrument console. In terms of safety, the Maruti Alto comes with dual airbags, ABS, rear parking sensors, and seat belt reminders, making it a value-for-money car.

With its competitive pricing and impressive features, the Maruti Alto CNG is an attractive option for those looking for a practical and reliable vehicle. If you are in the market for a new car, the Maruti Alto CNG is definitely worth considering for its affordability and performance.

Maruti Alto CNG
Maruti Alto CNG


– Maruti Alto CNG, a budget-friendly car, popular in India, is getting a lot of attention for Diwali.
– The car has a CNG variant available for around ₹5 lakhs with quick delivery.
– Maruti Alto has had record sales in India and is known for its good performance at a low price.
– The car comes with features like touchscreen infotainment system, steering-mounted controls, and safety features like dual airbags and ABS.
– The price of the car starts at ₹400,000 and goes up to ₹600,000 in India.
– It has a good mileage of 30km/kg of CNG.

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