Air pollution is a significant concern in Delhi-NCR, and with the upcoming festival of Diwali, the pollution levels are expected to rise even further. The deteriorating air quality has become a major health concern for the residents, leading many to wear masks and use air purifiers in their homes. However, what about air purification in cars? Since cars are also exposed to external pollution, many are considering purchasing cars equipped with air purifiers to safeguard their health while commuting.

In this regard, we have compiled a list of budget-friendly cars that come with air purifiers. The Nissan Magnite (XV Premium + Tec Pack) is a popular choice in the sub-compact SUV segment. This budget-friendly SUV offers an optional Tech Pack with an air purifier feature, available with the XV Premium variant at an ex-showroom price of 8.89 lakh rupees.

Another noteworthy option is the Renault Kiger, which is based on the Nissan Magnite and offers an air purifier feature in its accessory pack. It is available with the RXZ trim at an ex-showroom price of 8.79 lakh rupees, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Furthermore, the Hyundai i20, a popular premium hatchback, comes with an air purifier feature in its range-topping Asta (O) trim. This car is an exclusive offering in its segment, providing the air purification feature at an ex-showroom price of 9.97 lakh rupees.

Renault Kiger
Renault Kiger

, the rise in air pollution levels has prompted car buyers to prioritize the health and well-being of their families. The availability of budget-friendly cars equipped with air purifiers offers a practical and affordable solution for combating air pollution while commuting. As the concern for air quality continues to grow, the demand for such features in cars is expected to rise, driving manufacturers to integrate air purification technology into more budget-friendly car models.


1. Air pollution levels in Delhi-NCR are increasing, causing health problems for people, prompting them to use masks and air purifiers in their homes.

2. This article discusses budget-friendly cars that come with air purifiers, specifically the Nissan Magnite, Renault Kiger, and Hyundai i20.

3. The Nissan Magnite’s XV Premium variant comes with an optional tech pack that includes an air purifier, priced at 8.89 lakh rupees.

4. The Renault Kiger, priced at 8.79 lakh rupees, offers the air purifier feature in its accessory pack with the RXZ trim.

5. The Hyundai i20’s range-topping Asta (O) trim comes with an air purifier and is priced at 9.97 lakh rupees.

6. The article highlights the importance of air purifiers in cars and discusses options in the budget segment.

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