Citroen eC3: Citroen has once again raised the price of its car Citroen eC3 in less than a year after its launch. It is important to note that the company had introduced this car in the country’s vehicle market earlier this year, and the price was increased for the first time in August. However, the price of its base variant was unaffected. But now, the company has increased the price of all the variants of its electric hatchback Citroen eC3 by 11,000 rupees.

According to the variants of Citroen eC3, the old and new prices are as follows:
– Live Variant: New Price – 11.61 lakh rupees, Old Price – 11.50 lakh rupees
– Feel Variant: New Price – 12.49 lakh rupees, Old Price – 12.38 lakh rupees
– Feel Vib Pack Variant: New Price – 12.64 lakh rupees, Old Price – 12.53 lakh rupees
– Feel Dual Tone Vib Pack Variant: New Price – 12.79 lakh rupees, Old Price – 12.68 lakh rupees

The company’s electric hatchback comes with a 29.2kWh capacity battery pack, which is paired with a powerful electric motor. This motor generates 57ps of power and 143Nm of torque. Once fully charged, it provides a range of 320 kilometers.

In terms of features, the car offers Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, a 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a digital instrument cluster, and manual AC. The charging capacity of this electric hatchback from 0 to 100 percent takes 10 hours and 30 minutes.

Overall, the Citroen eC3 aims to offer a reliable and feature-rich electric car to the Indian market, catering to the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Citroen eC3


1. Citroen eC3 launches in India and increases prices of all variants by 11,000 rupees.
2. New prices for each variant: -11.61 lakh rupees for Live variant, -12.49 lakh rupees for Feel variant, -12.64 lakh rupees for Feel Vibe Pack variant, -12.79 lakh rupees for Feel Dual Tone Vibe Pack variant.
3. Specifications include a 29.2 kWh battery pack, powerful electric motor, 320 km range after full charge, features like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, 10.2-inch touchscreen infotainment system, digital instrument cluster, and manual AC.
4. Charging capacity from 0-100% takes 10 hours and 30 minutes.

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