The renowned scooter brand, Lambretta, is all set to launch the Lambretta Elettra, an electric scooter with a new look and a powerful engine. The company is currently preparing for the launch of the Lambretta Elettra, which is based on the E-concept and showcases a stunning blend of modern and classic designs.

The Lambretta Elettra is equipped with a powerful 4.6kWh battery, capable of reaching speeds of up to 110kmph. The battery can be fully charged in just 35 minutes using a 3/3 fast charger, which is integrated with a permanent magnet synchronous motor that generates a power of 4kW and 11kW, as well as a torque of 258Nm. Additionally, the battery can be charged in approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes using a 220V home charger. The scooter weighs 135 kilograms and features 3 riding modes – Eco, Ride, and Sport.

In terms of features, the Lambretta Elettra boasts a steel frame and chassis, 12-inch wheels, and a classic ‘pull-wheel’ double-shock front suspension. The rear suspension is equipped with a new configuration, featuring a shock-absorbing unit positioned horizontally above the engine and connected to an aluminum swingarm. The scooter also includes wooden retractable brake levers and a digital instrumentation system concealed within the handlebar. Furthermore, the remote control allows for automatic raising of the previous body.

As for the launch date, reports suggest that the Lambretta Elettra is likely to be launched in early 2024. It is expected to perform well in markets such as Europe and will offer competition to other electric scooters in the segment. The Lambretta brand was once popular in India and is now making a comeback with the Lambretta Elettra, poised to take on the electric scooter market.

 Lambretta Elettra
Lambretta Elettra

With its powerful performance, modern features, and classic design, the Lambretta Elettra is set to make a strong statement in the electric scooter segment. Stay tuned for more updates on the launch and availability of the Lambretta Elettra!


– The company is launching the Lambretta Elettra electric scooter with a new look and powerful engine.
– It is based on a steel frame and features a unique design language with DRLs and hexagonal LED headlamps.
– The scooter has a 4.6kWh battery and can reach a speed of 110kmph.
– It is equipped with modern features such as a steel frame, 12-inch wheels, and a classic ‘pull-wheel’ double-shock front suspension.
– The launch of the scooter is expected in 2024, and it will perform well in markets like Europe.

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