The Honda Shine is a popular 125cc bike in the Indian two-wheeler market. It has a sporty look and comes with several modern features that have made it a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts. While the market price for a new Honda Shine is around 90,000 rupees, there are attractive offers available for the older models on online platforms like OLX.

For example, OLX has a 2012 Honda Shine bike with 32,000 kilometers on it listed for 19,500 rupees. Another offer is for a 2006 model with 55,000 kilometers in very good condition being sold for 16,500 rupees. Additionally, a 2011 model with only 58 kilometers of usage is priced at 20,000 rupees, and a 2013 model with 55,000 kilometers driven is available for 22,000 rupees. Moreover, a 2014 model with a sporty look and 30,000 kilometers on it is being sold for 25,000 rupees. These offers provide affordable options for buyers looking to purchase a Honda Shine at a reduced price.

To those interested in buying a Honda Shine, OLX offers a variety of options to choose from based on model year and usage. These second-hand bikes are all available at attractive prices, making it a good opportunity for cost-conscious customers to own a Honda Shine.

Honda Shine
Honda Shine

OLX is a great platform for those interested in purchasing a Honda Shine at discounted prices. With multiple options available for different model years and usage, buyers can find a bike that suits their preferences and budget.


1. Honda Shine is a popular 125cc bike in India’s two-wheeler market with a sporty look and modern features.
2. Second-hand models of Honda Shine are available on OLX at attractive prices, such as a 2012 model for Rs 19,500 and a 2014 model for Rs 25,000.
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