Tapasya Parihar’s journey to becoming an IAS officer is a tale of perseverance and determination. She secured an impressive All India Rank 13 in the UPSC exam of 2017, achieving her dream in her second attempt. Tapasya’s story is a source of inspiration for many aspiring UPSC candidates.

Early Education and Law Graduation:

Tapasya, hailing from Narsinghpur, Madhya Pradesh, has always been a diligent student. She completed her schooling up to the 12th standard from Kendriya Vidyalaya, showcasing her academic prowess. Post her intermediate education, she pursued law in Pune, laying the foundation for her diverse educational background.

Turning Point towards UPSC:

After completing her law degree, Tapasya decided to venture into the challenging world of UPSC. Despite joining coaching for her first attempt, she faced a setback by not clearing the pre-examination. This initial failure, however, didn’t deter her spirit.

Self-Study and Success:

Learning from her first attempt, Tapasya shifted her strategy towards self-study. This approach proved fruitful, as she passed the exam in her second attempt. Her success underscores the importance of self-belief and the effectiveness of self-study in cracking one of the toughest examinations in India.

Strategy for Preparation:

Tapasya’s approach to preparation involved a strategic division of the syllabus and focusing on minimum books for better revision. She emphasizes the significance of understanding the core concepts over rote learning, and the need for consistent revision.

Importance of Current Affairs:

Tapasya believes in the crucial role of staying updated with current affairs, especially those related to one’s subject. She suggests that a well-informed perspective on current events can immensely strengthen one’s preparation.

IAS Tapasya Parihar
IAS Tapasya Parihar

Advice for Aspirants:

For those preparing for the UPSC exam, Tapasya advises creating a proper schedule and sticking to it. She opines that with the right strategy and dedication, it is possible to clear the pre-exam in the first attempt itself.

Tapasya Parihar’s journey from a law graduate to an IAS officer is a testament to her hard work, strategic planning, and resilience. Her experience serves as a valuable lesson for all UPSC aspirants, demonstrating that with the right approach and determination, success is indeed achievable.