Kartik Aaryan At Sara Ali Khan Diwali Party 2023: Amidst the sparkle and cheer of Dhanteras, India’s preamble to the much-awaited festival of lights, Diwali, there’s an air of celebration that’s taken over every nook and corner. Bollywood, known for its grandeur and flamboyance, is not far behind in partaking in these festivities. The glittering tinsel town is abuzz with parties, and one such gathering that’s caught the public eye was hosted by none other than the effervescent Sara Ali Khan.

Last evening, Sara’s residence was the nucleus of Bollywood’s Diwali celebrations, where the crème de la crème of B-Town graced with their presence. However, it was not just the glitz of the celebs that illuminated the night but a particular guest who seemed to have eclipsed the stardom of many—Kartik Aaryan, Sara’s erstwhile beau.

Kartik’s arrival at Sara’s soiree has set tongues wagging and rumor mills churning. His presence was not just a mere attendance but a showstopper moment, as he emerged in a traditional yellow kurta-pajama ensemble, exuding charm and capturing hearts. A video capturing Kartik outside Sara’s residence has since gone viral, with his dapper new look drawing in adulation and intrigue alike.

Kartik Aaryan At Sara Ali Khan Diwali Party 2023
Kartik Aaryan At Sara Ali Khan Diwali Party 2023

This encounter has reignited the whispers of romance between the former lovebirds. The palpable chemistry and congeniality shared between Sara and Kartik at the party have led fans to ponder if this could be a sign of rekindled affection. Could this Diwali be the harbinger of new beginnings for Sara and Kartik? The speculation is rife, and the hope of a second chance for the pair is afloat amidst their admirers. As the festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, perhaps, for this duo, it may herald the reawakening of a past love, shining bright once more.

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