In the annals of UPSC’s storied history, Saumya Sharma’s accomplishment stands out for its sheer brilliance and swiftness. With a span of merely four months of preparation, Saumya etched her name among the toppers, securing an enviable All India Rank 9 in the 2017 UPSC exam, and turning her dream of becoming an IAS officer into reality.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Delhi, Saumya’s academic journey was marked by intelligence and diligence. After completing her intermediate education, she pursued a law degree, which sowed the seeds for her future endeavors. It was during these formative years that she made the decisive choice to aim for the civil services, thereby embarking on a preparation sprint unlike any other.

Her approach was methodical and strategic. She began by analyzing the UPSC notification, which holds the key to understanding the exam’s blueprint. Armed with this knowledge, she crafted a meticulous schedule that would guide her through the intense months that lay ahead.

Saumya’s philosophy on UPSC preparation breaks away from conventional wisdom. She stands firm on the belief that self-confidence and self-study are the bedrocks of success in this exam. Coaching can be a helpful aid for some, providing direction and structure, but it is not a prerequisite for success. Saumya’s own triumph is a testament to the power of self-study, a beacon for those who are resolute in their self-preparation.

IAS Saumya Sharma
IAS Saumya Sharma

She advocates for a personalized study plan, one that is attuned to the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. For Saumya, the focus on self-study was not just about reading and memorizing but understanding and analyzing the vast syllabus with a disciplined schedule.

Saumya Sharma’s success story is a motivational saga that resonates with the idea that the UPSC examination, often shrouded in myths of being an insurmountable challenge, can indeed be conquered with the right mindset and strategy. Her journey underscores that it’s not the duration of the preparation but the quality of it, the depth of understanding, and the unwavering faith in one’s own abilities that ultimately paves the way for success.