For those in the market for a new bike, the Honda Shine 100 is causing quite a stir in the two-wheeler market with its impressive mileage and features. With the festive season in full swing, many people are considering purchasing a bike, but are often deterred by the high prices of both petrol and motorcycles. However, the Honda Shine 100 is gaining popularity due to its low cost and impressive mileage.

The Honda Shine 100 is equipped with a 98.98cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine that generates a power of 5.43 kW and a torque of 8.95Nm. With 4 gears and a claimed mileage of up to 70 kmpl, the bike stands out in terms of fuel efficiency.

In addition to its impressive engine and mileage, the Honda Shine 100 comes with a range of features, including basic analog instrument cluster, telescopic front forks, rear dual spring-loaded shock absorbers, combined braking system, drum brakes, always-on function headlight, analog cluster, and alloy wheels.

As for the price, the Honda Shine 100 is available in various color options and is priced at Rs. 64,900 ex-showroom. This puts it in direct competition with the Splendor Plus in terms of affordability and features.

Honda Shine 100
Honda Shine 100

Overall, the Honda Shine 100 is making a name for itself in the market by offering a compelling combination of affordability, fuel efficiency, and features. It’s no wonder that it’s becoming a top choice for individuals looking for a budget-friendly and reliable two-wheeler option. So, if you’re in the market for a new bike this festive season, the Honda Shine 100 is definitely worth considering.


– Honda has launched the powerful and fuel-efficient Shine 100 bike, which is competing with the popular Splendor Plus.
– The bike has a 98.98cc engine, 70 kmpl mileage, and features like telescopic front forks and combined braking system.
– The bike is available in different color options and is priced at 64,900 rupees ex-showroom, making it a strong competitor to the Splendor Plus in the market.

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