TVS X: TVS has launched its new Electric scooter in the Indian market. It has a sporty design and a dangerous look. TVS X is a premium electric scooter with first-in-segment features and a 10.2-inch infotainment system. This scooter is getting a lot of attention from consumers due to its impressive and attractive features. Let’s take a detailed look at this scooter!

Impressive Battery and 11kw Powerful Motor:
The scooter comes with an 11kwh motor that can easily go from 0 to 40 km in just 2.6 seconds. It can reach a speed of 105 kmph, which is considered an impressive range. The scooter also has several riding modes that help in increasing the scooter’s range. Additionally, it comes with a 4.44-kilowatt home battery, which can cover a distance of approximately 140 km and can be charged up to 50% in just 50 minutes and up to 80% in 4.30 hours.

New and Enhanced Features:
The TVS X electric scooter features a 10-inch TFT instrument cluster that provides better information and convenience. It also comes with a multifunctional screen that allows customers to enjoy video streaming, music, and gaming. The scooter is designed with technology and entertainment, while also catering to the needs of urban residents. In addition, it includes hill hold control, which helps the driver to start confidently and safely on hills.

Affordable Price:
The ex-showroom price for this scooter is only 2.50 lakhs. With such an affordable price and a range of features, this scooter is making a mark in the market.

Overall, the TVS X electric scooter offers a combination of power, style, and features at a competitive price, making it an attractive option for consumers looking to make the switch to electric vehicles.

TVS X electric scooter
TVS X electric scooter


– TVS has launched a new electric scooter in the Indian market called TVS X
– The scooter has a powerful 11kwh motor and a great battery, allowing it to reach up to 105 kmph
– It also has several riding modes and a home battery that can cover around 140 km on a single charge
– The scooter features a 10-inch TFT instrument cluster, a multi-functional screen for streaming videos, and hill-hold control
– The ex-showroom price of the scooter is 2.50 lakh, making it a competitive option in the market.

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