12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 11: In an industry where big stars and bigger promotions often dictate a film’s success, Vikrant Massey and Medha Shankar’s ’12th Fail’ has carved a different narrative. It’s a film that speaks directly to the audience’s heart with its compelling storyline, and the box office numbers are a resounding echo of its impact.

The journey of ’12th Fail’ at the box office started on a positive note with an opening day collection of Rs 1.11 crore. It’s a film that didn’t rely solely on its opening but built momentum through positive word of mouth, gradually amplifying its earnings in a manner that speaks volumes about its content.

In a head-to-head battle with Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Tejas’, released simultaneously, ’12th Fail’ has emerged as the clear audience favorite. While ‘Tejas’ struggles to make a significant mark with collections hovering below Rs 6 crores after 11 days, ’12th Fail’ has effortlessly surpassed the Rs 20 crore mark, showcasing the audience’s preference for storyline over star power.

The affection and admiration for ’12th Fail’ from viewers have been overwhelming. The film has not only navigated through the high-pressure release window but has also proved its mettle by maintaining a robust grip on the box office well into its second week. It’s a testament to the film’s quality and the audience’s appreciation of good cinema.

The earnings report by Sacknilk indicates a strong performance for ’12th Fail’ on its eleventh day, with early trends pointing to a collection of Rs 1.45 crore. These figures are not just numbers but a reflection of a film’s ability to sustain viewer interest and loyalty.

With its eleventh-day collection, ’12th Fail’ has now tallied a total earning of Rs 23.00 crores. This is no small feat for a film which, without the usual trappings of a blockbuster, has managed to create a substantial presence in the market and maintain a steady performance at the box office.

12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 11
12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 11

The success story of ’12th Fail’ is an inspiring narrative about the power of a good script and relatable characters. It is a shining example of how a movie, buoyed by the strength of its content and the resonance it finds with its audience, can triumph over the typical metrics of star power and large-scale promotions. Vikrant Massey’s portrayal and the film’s heartfelt message have indeed left an indelible mark, making ’12th Fail’ a box office success that’s well-deserved.

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