AFG vs AUS: In a riveting development leading up to the World Cup 2023 clash between Australia and Afghanistan, former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar has made a striking remark that could change the game for the Afghan team. As the cricketing world turns its eyes to the match at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai, Manjrekar’s strategic insights could be the key for Afghanistan to lock in their spot in the semi-finals.

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The Spin Advantage

Manjrekar’s analysis puts the spotlight on Afghanistan’s spin attack, which he believes could be their trump card against Australia. With the match poised on the red soils of Mumbai, known to assist spinners, Manjrekar suggested that Afghanistan could unleash their entire arsenal of spin bowlers to tilt the scales in their favor. His advice is clear: if spin is your strength, then commit to it without hesitation. By doing so, Afghanistan could significantly benefit and create issues for the Australian batsmen.

Afghanistan’s Impressive Run

AFG vs AUS: The stakes are high as the World Cup 2023 has seen Afghanistan emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Their journey so far has been nothing short of remarkable, having claimed victories over seasoned teams like England, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the Netherlands. A win against Australia, a titan of the cricket world, would not only be a historic moment for the Afghan team but also almost guarantee their position in the prestigious semi-finals.

Manjrekar’s Take on the Afghan Strategy

Speaking on Star Sports, Sanjay Manjrekar shared his perspective on the much-anticipated match. He emphasized that underestimating Afghanistan would be a grave mistake for any team, Australia included. His observations about the conditions in Mumbai, where the red soil is known to assist spinners, sheds light on a potential advantage for the Afghan side. Manjrekar also highlighted Afghanistan’s tactical boldness – their tendency to field four spinners alongside a single fast bowler showcases their unshakeable belief in their spin department.

The Spin Phenomenon

AFG vs AUS: As the World Cup progresses, it’s become evident that Afghanistan’s spinners are not just participating but excelling. Their performances have been crucial to Afghanistan’s current standing in the tournament. The effectiveness of their spin bowlers, coupled with Manjrekar’s strategic insights, could be the perfect storm that Afghanistan needs to overcome the Australian challenge.


With the match against Australia on the horizon, Afghanistan is at a potential turning point. Adopting a spin-heavy strategy, as suggested by Sanjay Manjrekar, could lead to a stunning victory. The Afghan team, confident and strong in their spin game, stands ready to make a statement on the world stage. Australia, known for their meticulous preparation and adaptability, will undoubtedly prepare for the spin challenge. It’s a match that promises excitement, strategy, and the allure of an underdog story, as the world waits to see if Afghanistan’s spinners can indeed turn the game in their favor.

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