The motorbike market is abuzz with anticipation as Honda gears up to introduce the revamped CD100, poised to challenge the once-revered Yamaha RX100. The Yamaha RX100 had carved out a formidable reputation for itself, known for its robust engine and commendable fuel efficiency, securing a spot as one of the most popular bikes of its time.

Now, the Honda CD100 is expected to make a grand re-entrance, sporting significant upgrades that promise to breathe new life into the model. It’s not just the engine that’s getting a makeover; the CD100’s appearance is set to undergo a transformation that speaks to both seasoned riders and the younger generation.

Enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the Honda CD100’s debut, with a focus on its engine enhancements and modern features that are tipped to set it apart from its predecessors. Honda has always enjoyed a passionate following, and the CD100 looks to reignite that passion with its updated look and feel.

Turning to the details, Honda’s affiliate in China, Wuyang Honda, recently launched the CG125 Special in the domestic market, suggesting a potential benchmark for the CD100’s pricing and features. The CG125 Special was introduced at 7,480 yuan, approximately INR 89,800, with a design aesthetic that resonates with the Honda H’ness CB350 sold in India.

When the Honda CD100 makes its foray into the Indian market, it is poised to compete with the likes of Honda Shine, TVS Sport, and Bajaj Platina. While there’s no official confirmation from the company yet, the motorcycle is expected to make its Indian debut around 2024.

Honda CD100
Honda CD100

Honda has been tight-lipped about the exact launch date of the CD100 in India. However, previous statements from the company have indicated plans to launch a range of affordable and fuel-efficient models in the country. This strategic move suggests that the CD100 could be among the offerings that Honda plans to introduce to Indian riders soon.

With a strong legacy to build upon and a suite of modern features to entice new customers, the Honda CD100’s market entry is one of the most anticipated events in the biking community. Fans are looking forward to seeing how this classic bike evolves while staying true to the qualities that once made its predecessor a beloved choice on the roads.

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