The Hero Splendor Plus Extick is a popular choice among people, from rural areas to city streets. This bike is highly favored due to its mileage and affordable price. People eagerly wait to purchase this bike, considering its cost-effectiveness.

The economic practicality of the Hero Splendor Plus is a significant draw, particularly in a market where consumers weigh cost against performance. The allure of the bike is amplified by its remarkable fuel efficiency, boasting a mileage of 60 km per liter, paired with a substantial fuel tank capacity of 10 liters, making it an ideal companion for long commutes without frequent fuel stops.

However, brand-new models, with showroom prices floating around Rs 79,700, may hover just beyond the reach of budget-conscious buyers. It’s this gap that the second-hand market aims to bridge, with the pre-owned models of the Hero Splendor Plus finding a robust demand. Enterprising websites have seized this opportunity, offering these bikes at significantly discounted rates.

One such platform making waves is Quikr, where the Hero Splendor Plus can be snagged for as low as Rs 15,000—a figure that rivals the cost of a mid-range smartphone. This rock-bottom pricing is a game-changer for individuals on a stringent budget, providing the affordability of a second-hand bike with the reliable performance of the Splendor Plus.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to act swiftly, as the offer stands until Diwali, presenting a timely opportunity to make a cost-effective purchase. The website has become a bustling marketplace for those looking to score this deal, allowing customers to fulfill their need for a reliable mode of transportation without breaking the bank.

It’s noteworthy to mention that the official sales company associated with the Hero Splendor Plus has not released any official statements regarding the sale of the bike at such slashed prices. This underlines the fact that the incredible deals available on websites like Quikr are part of the independent second-hand market, which operates distinctly from the official new bike sales channels.

In essence, the Hero Splendor Plus emerges not just as a mode of transport but as an accessible asset available at a fraction of its original cost, akin to the affordability of a smartphone. For those on the lookout for a cost-efficient, reliable bike, the market for second-hand models, particularly on platforms like Quikr, is ripe with opportunities to acquire the Hero Splendor Plus at prices that are indeed too good to overlook.

Hero Splendor Plus
Hero Splendor Plus


– The Hero Splendor Plus is a highly popular bike in both rural and urban areas.
– People are eager to buy this bike due to its mileage and affordability.
– Second-hand models of the bike are currently in high demand, with websites offering them at discounted prices.
– The showroom price for the Hero Splendor Plus is Rs 79,700, but if that is not affordable, there are options to buy it at a lower cost.
– The bike has a mileage of 60 km per liter and a fuel tank capacity of 10 liters.
– The bike can be purchased for a lower price on the Quikr website, with a listed price of Rs 15,000.
– Customers can visit the website and buy the bike before Diwali.
– The official sales company has not made any official statements regarding the sale of the bike.

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