In the serene landscapes of Vidyapatinagar, the air buzzed with festivity and the sound of bands as the villagers of Kancha prepared to welcome one of their own, Lal Praveen Kumar, who returned to his roots bearing the prestigious title of Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). This momentous homecoming was celebrated with jubilation after Praveen’s notable success in the BPSC examination.

Tuesday was marked by a scene that would be etched in the memory of the villagers for years to come. As Praveen Kumar set foot in his native village of Kancha, after an arduous journey of preparation and hard work in Delhi, he was greeted by hundreds of his fellow villagers. The air was filled with the scent of flowers as they were showered upon him in a traditional welcome, and the vibrant procession paraded through the village with Praveen taking a venerable seat on a gypsy, honoring the customs of his community.

The pride was palpable on the faces of everyone present. Their Lal had not only achieved personal success but had lifted the name of the entire region, casting a light of prestige on the village that had fostered him.

Praveen, the progeny of Upendra Rai, affectionately known as Peena Rai, had secured the 45th rank in the BPSC examination, a testament to his dedication and intellectual prowess. His achievement was not merely a personal victory but a communal triumph. The villagers expressed their joy and pride through the melodies of musical instruments, the adornment of flower garlands, and the distribution of sweets, which flowed as generously as the love and admiration they held for Praveen. The entire village basked in the glory of the festive ambiance, celebrating the success of their beloved Lal.

BPSC Topper Praveen Kumar

As the son of Kancha Panchayat, Praveen Kumar’s emotions were palpable when he spoke. He expressed his profound honor at the grand welcome he received upon his return to the place of his birth. Reflecting on the magnitude of the moment, he shared a sentiment that resonated deeply with the community: the sheer pride of a father whose son had returned home, not just as a successful individual, but as a servant of the public, ready to contribute to society’s greater good as an SDM.

This historic day in Kancha was not just about welcoming an SDM, but about celebrating the shared values of hard work, perseverance, and the belief that every son and daughter of their soil has the potential to achieve greatness. Praveen Kumar’s success has thus become a beacon of hope and aspiration for every child in the village, a symbol that with determination and support, the highest echelons of success are within reach.