World Cup 2023: In a recent turn of events following the World Cup 2023, India’s impeccable victory against South Africa has taken a controversial turn. With eight wins in a row, the Indian cricket team’s recent triumph by 243 runs over South Africa has set tongues wagging across the cricketing landscape. However, amid this celebration, a striking commentary emerged from Pakistan, sowing seeds of discord over India’s win.

Former Pakistani cricketer, Hasan Raza, has raised eyebrows by suggesting that India’s victory was tainted, implicating the use of Decision Review System (DRS) manipulation. In a startling accusation, Raza pointed fingers at the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) and the match broadcasters, alleging that they had engaged in misusing technological tools to skew decisions.

World Cup 2023: Raza, known for his earlier claims that India is provided with a distinct type of ball which aids in taking more wickets, is now targeting the veracity of DRS decisions. During a cricket talk show, he expressed his bewilderment over a specific dismissal by Indian all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja. He questioned the trajectory analysis, which indicated that a delivery to South Africa’s accomplished batsman, Van der Dussen, would hit the leg stump but instead was shown diverting towards the middle stump.

The former cricketer did not stop there; he went on to assert that such discrepancies in DRS call for a thorough investigation, hinting at potential tampering. He reflected on similar grievances when Pakistan was at the receiving end of what he deems incorrect DRS decisions, insinuating a pattern of bias, especially when India plays on home turf.

World Cup 2023 Team India Performence
World Cup 2023 Team India Performence

World Cup 2023: Raza’s allegations have not been substantiated with concrete evidence but they have certainly stirred the pot, igniting debates on the integrity of technology in cricket and the fair play aspects associated with it. The cricketing community stands divided, with some dismissing these claims as baseless and others calling for increased scrutiny of technological aids in the sport.

Image Credit – sportstar.thehindu