In Uttar Pradesh, the rapid progression of the Gorakhpur Link Expressway project marks a significant milestone in the state’s infrastructure development. The completion of this expressway will revolutionize the travel experience between Gorakhpur and other major destinations by significantly reducing travel time and offering a swift and comfortable journey. The expressway is expected to commence operations formally by January 2024, setting a new standard for transportation in the region.

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Toll Plaza Establishments The Gorakhpur Link Expressway will feature a total of five toll plazas, which will be strategically located at Bhagwanpur, Sariya Tiwaripur, Harnahi Khajni, Sikriganj, and Belghat. These toll collection points are designed to facilitate the maintenance and upkeep of the expressway, ensuring a smooth travel experience while generating revenue for continued improvements.

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Impact on NH-28 Traffic During the time of the Kanwar Yatra, NH-28, a key highway that connects Gorakhpur to Lucknow, will be temporarily closed. This closure is likely to cause some disruptions to travelers who frequent this route.

Travel Between Gorakhpur and Lucknow With the new expressway, the current travel time between Gorakhpur and Lucknow, which is a distance of 279 kilometers, will be reduced to approximately 3.5 to 4 hours. Although the expressway stretches the journey to 311 kilometers, it offers a substantial increase in speed and comfort, making it a preferable option for commuters.


Land Acquisition Freeze In preparation for the construction, there has been a halt on the sale and purchase of land in 14 villages of Gorakhpur, earmarked for the expressway. This preemptive measure is intended to facilitate smooth construction and to prevent any potential disputes in the future.

The construction of the Gorakhpur Link Expressway is not only expected to ease the journey between Gorakhpur and Lucknow but is also anticipated to significantly contribute to the regional development. There are high hopes among travelers and local residents alike that the expressway will enhance connectivity and contribute to the economic upliftment of the area.

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