The Indian automotive scene is set to welcome a diverse range of Multi-Purpose Vehicles (MPVs), thanks to innovations from Tata, Kia, and Lexus. This surge in MPV introductions suggests a growing shift in consumer preferences, potentially rivaling the dominance of SUVs in the Indian market. In recent times, the likes of Toyota Rumion and Innova HiCross, as well as updated models such as Toyota Innova Crysta and Vellfire, have made their debut, indicating the versatility and demand for MPVs.

Among the upcoming stars is the new generation Kia Carnival, slated for a global debut next month. This revamped MPV is expected to reach Indian shores by next year, replacing the recently discontinued older generation. The new Carnival promises a fresh exterior and interior design and will boast a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine, delivering 200 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque.

Lexus is also stepping up its game with the Lexus LM – a luxury MPV that will soon have its prices announced in India. Based on the Vellfire, the LM is essentially a more premium version of its predecessor, equipped with a hybrid powertrain. With expectations of a price tag north of 1 crore rupees, the Lexus LM is set to redefine luxury in the MPV segment.

On the homegrown front, Tata Motors is not far behind. Shailendra Chandra, Managing Director of Tata Motors, has confirmed the launch of the production versions of Curvv and Sierra in the coming years, with offerings in both ICE and EV formats. Additionally, Tata is developing a new product for a segment they have yet to explore, although specific details on this new MPV remain under wraps.

Kia Carens
Kia Carens

Lastly, Kia is also eyeing the electric wave with its Electric RV, poised for launch in India by mid-decade. Following the positive response to the Kia Carens, the South Korean automaker is doubling down on attracting a vast customer base, with the electric RV expected to play a significant role.

This eclectic array of MPVs at various price points signifies a vibrant future for the Indian automobile market, with an emphasis on diversity, innovation, and sustainable mobility.


1. Kia Carnival will be launched in India next year and will come with a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine producing 200 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque.
2. Lexus India will announce the official prices of the Lexus LM luxury MPV soon. It will be based on the Lexus LX and will be sold with a hybrid powertrain.
3. Tata Motors confirmed that the production versions of the Gravitas and Sierra SUVs will be launched in 2025 and will be offered in both IC and EV versions. Tata is also working on a new product in this segment, details of which are not yet available.
4. Kia India will introduce an electric SUV, the Kia EV, in India by the mid-2020s, aiming to attract a larger customer base after the success of the Creta. More details about the EV are yet to be revealed.

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