Xiaomi 14 Pro Viral Video: The modern-day smartphone has become a versatile gadget, and Xiaomi seems to be pushing this versatility to new heights. Recently, the tech giant unveiled its new lineup of devices: the Xiaomi 14 and Xiaomi 14 Pro in China, with prospects of launching them in other international markets, including India, in the near future.

However, what’s creating a buzz is not just the phone’s specifications, but a jaw-dropping demonstration. A viral video making rounds on social media showcases the Xiaomi 14 Pro being used as an impromptu hammer. The video sees the phone driving a nail into a wall, all thanks to its robust Dragon Crystal Glass construction. While the act might seem implausible to many, it poses an intriguing question: Can smartphone screens genuinely be this resilient?

Historically, a smartphone’s Achilles’ heel has always been its screen. Even minor mishaps can shatter or damage the screen, leading to costly repairs. But watching the Xiaomi 14 Pro function as a makeshift hammer challenges these preconceived notions.

In the past, Xiaomi predominantly used Corning’s Gorilla Glass for their devices. However, with the introduction of the Xiaomi 14 Pro, they’ve taken a bold step by developing their own in-house protective screen glass. Named Dragon Crystal Glass, this innovative material promises higher durability and resistance compared to many of its industry counterparts.

A recent report by Sparrowsnews sheds light on the strength of this glass. The Vickers hardness of the Xiaomi 14 Pro’s Dragon Crystal Glass stands at an impressive 860. To provide perspective, this surpasses the hardness of Huawei’s Kunlun glass (830), Apple’s Ceramic Shield (814), and even the Gorilla Glass Victus 2 (670).

Xiaomi 14 Pro
Xiaomi 14 Pro

The astonishing demonstration with the Xiaomi 14 Pro not only serves as a testament to the company’s innovation but also indicates the leaps and bounds the smartphone industry is taking in ensuring device durability. Only time will tell if other brands will rise to this challenge. Until then, Xiaomi’s audacious demonstration has undoubtedly set a high bar.

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