The world of the UPSC examination is one of fierce competition, where many attempt, but few succeed. Among the ranks of those who have tasted success is IAS topper Ashish Kumar. Securing an impressive All India Rank of 53 in 2019, Ashish’s success was not immediate, but the product of introspection, strategy, and dedication.

Ashish’s journey to success was marked by initial setbacks. Despite his determination, he faced hurdles in his first attempt. On reflection, Ashish attributes these challenges to a series of mistakes he made during his preparation. He identifies three key areas where he faltered: lack of thorough revision, absence of a strategic approach, and not referencing previous year’s question papers.

Understanding the root causes of his previous attempt’s shortcomings, Ashish recalibrated his strategy. He emphasizes the paramount importance of a well-planned approach to UPSC preparation. Ashish believes that once the syllabus is completed, revising the content thoroughly is crucial. Additionally, studying previous year’s question papers provides valuable insights into the examination pattern, enabling aspirants to anticipate the type of questions and prepare accordingly.

The debate on the necessity of coaching for UPSC preparation is an evergreen one. Ashish offers a balanced perspective on this matter. He acknowledges that coaching can provide guidance, especially if one feels directionless. However, he is also a firm advocate for the power of self-study. To Ashish, coaching may be an aid, but the crux of success lies in an aspirant’s individual efforts. Whether one chooses to enroll in a coaching center or not, he stresses that diligent self-study is indispensable.

IAS Ashish Kumar
IAS Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar’s journey to IAS success is a beacon of hope for many. It demonstrates that setbacks are not the end but opportunities for growth. By understanding one’s mistakes, refining strategies, and emphasizing self-study, aspirants can turn their IAS dreams into reality, just like Ashish did.