Navigating the path of the UPSC exams is no easy feat. Many candidates grapple with the vast syllabus, seeking strategies to tackle the immense pressure and stiff competition. Among these aspirants is IAS Topper Rishabh CA, who embodies the essence of perseverance and strategic planning. After facing setbacks in his first two attempts, he revamped his strategy, leading to resounding success in his third shot at the examination.

Central to Rishabh’s approach was an acute awareness of the UPSC syllabus and a deep dive into the patterns evident in previous year’s papers. He firmly believes that crafting a personalized strategy rooted in this foundational understanding is paramount. This involves meticulously analyzing the syllabus, understanding its nuances, and tailoring one’s preparation to fit within this framework.

One of Rishabh’s key pieces of advice to UPSC aspirants is the emphasis on patient, sustained preparation. It’s not about cramming vast amounts of material, but about selectively curating content that aligns with the syllabus. In doing so, an aspirant ensures they are not overwhelmed but rather thoroughly prepared in every topic they tackle.

Another significant facet of his preparation strategy is note-making. Rishabh credits much of his success to the concise notes he crafted during his study sessions. These notes not only made revisiting topics easier but also facilitated more efficient revision cycles, especially during the crucial days leading up to the examination.

Rishabh also stresses the importance of a strong foundational understanding. He cautions against rushing through topics. Instead, he suggests investing time in the initial stages of preparation to solidify one’s basics. This, according to him, acts as a building block upon which advanced knowledge can be layered.

IAS Rishabh CA
IAS Rishabh CA

Rishabh’s journey to becoming an IAS topper is a testament to the power of resilience, strategic planning, and hard work. His story offers valuable insights for UPSC aspirants, showcasing that setbacks can indeed be setups for greater comebacks, provided one remains focused and adopts a systematic approach.