The beautiful state of Uttarakhand, known for its serene landscapes, has now given the nation another reason to celebrate. One of its promising youths, Suraj Panwar, shone brightly at the 37th National Games held in Goa in 2023.

Suraj’s momentous achievement came as he clinched the first gold medal for Uttarakhand in athletics. He outperformed his competitors in the 20 km walk race, setting the gold standard for the entire event. The athletic competitions had only begun this Monday and Suraj, a proud resident of Dehradun, showcased his talent, dedication, and rigorous training in this race.

His commendable completion time was one hour and 27 minutes, as reported by his coach, Anoop Bisht. This was not just Suraj’s personal victory but a golden moment for the entire state of Uttarakhand, marking its debut gold in the National Games.

Hailing from the Shimla Bypass area in Dehradun, Suraj’s journey in the world of athletics began in 2015 at the Maharana Pratap Sports College. With his unwavering commitment and dedication, he elevated to the Excellence Wing of the Sports College in just a year.

Under the expert guidance of Coach Anoop Bisht, Suraj honed his skills for the international platform. His efforts bore fruit when he secured a silver medal in the race walk at the Youth Olympics in Argentina in 2018. Suraj, a true sportsman, utilizes his prize money from these competitions to support his family.

However, the National Games in Goa and the Youth Olympics in Argentina are merely chapters in Suraj’s illustrious career. His relentless hard work previously earned him a gold at the 6th National Race Walking Championship. This prodigy has also been crowned the champion at the 17th Junior Federation National Athletics Championship and twice at the Junior National Athletics Championship for the 20 km race walk.

Adding to his golden achievements, Suraj clinched another silver in the Eighth National Race Walking Championship and a gold in the inaugural National Athletics Championship Under-23.

Suraj Panwar
Suraj Panwar

As Suraj Panwar continues to represent India at the World Athletics Team Championship, his journey serves as an inspiration. It’s a testament to the fact that with dedication, determination, and the right guidance, one can achieve the pinnacles of success.