Tata Nexon: The Growing Demand for SUVs

The increasing demand for SUVs has compelled all companies to enter this segment of the market, from Maruti to Tata. However, Tata Nexon is different from the rest.

Every month, this car is the most bought SUV in its segment. Its starting price is 10 lakh rupees, which is quite high for a common man. Therefore, many people cannot afford to buy it. However, there is a way through which you can purchase it.

Second Hand Tata Nexon Deals

Tata Nexon offers great value for money as an SUV. However, its price is quite high. So, if you want, you can fulfill your dreams by buying a second-hand Nexon. Here, you can buy an SUV within your budget. Let’s explore some offers in detail.

New Tata Nexon on Olx

On Olx, you can find a brand-new 2020 model Tata Nexon for 7 lakh rupees. It is a slightly used SUV and you can visit the site to get more information about it.

Tata Nexon Price on Cardekho

Cardekho is also a reputable site where you can find Tata Nexon at a comparatively lower price. Here, you can get a 2018 model Nexon for 5 lakh rupees. The condition of the car is good and it comes with insurance.

Another Nexon on Olx

On Olx, there is another listing for Tata Nexon. It is a 2017 model with a significantly lower price. The condition is good, although there are some scratches. But, if you want to enjoy driving for a few years, it can be a good option.

Tata Nexon interior
Tata Nexon interior


– The increasing demand for SUVs, including Tata Nexon, has forced all companies to enter this segment.
– Tata Nexon is the most purchased car in the SUV segment every month, despite its high initial price.
– Second-hand Tata Nexon cars are available, allowing buyers to fulfill their dreams within their budget.
– Olx and Cardekho are platforms where buyers can find new and used Tata Nexon cars at reasonable prices.
– Olx has a listing for a 2017 model of Tata Nexon at a lower price, but with some scratches.
– The information provided in the article is sourced from various websites, and the website does not verify the accuracy of the information.

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