Why are the tires of vehicles always black in color while rubber is white in color? This question might have crossed your mind at some point. Whether it is a bicycle, motorcycle, car, or truck, all vehicles have black tires made of rubber. So, why is this the case and not any other color? Let’s find out.

The natural color of rubber is white or creamy-white. So, why does it turn black? The answer lies in the addition of carbon black to the rubber during the tire manufacturing process. This additive is responsible for the black color of tires. Carbon black is a form of carbon that is finely divided and produced by the partial combustion of hydrocarbons. It is added to the rubber compound to enhance its strength, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.

By incorporating carbon black into the rubber, the tire becomes more robust and hard-wearing. It helps to reinforce the rubber matrix and provide it with excellent tensile strength. Carbon black also contributes to the tire’s ability to withstand varying weather conditions and temperature extremes. Additionally, it helps to protect the rubber from UV radiation, which can cause degradation and discoloration.


– The natural color of rubber is white.
– The tires of vehicles are black because carbon black is added to the rubber to make them stronger.
– This information is according to a report, but it is not verified by reputable media sources.

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