The UPSC examination is often deemed one of India’s toughest exams, demanding meticulous preparation, unwavering focus, and an indomitable spirit. While many aspirants dedicate years exclusively for preparation, Manish Kumar showcased that it’s possible to crack the exam while holding a full-time job, proving that determination and proper planning can overcome any obstacle.

Remarkable Feat Amidst Job Commitments

IAS topper Manish Kumar stands as an exemplar for many, demonstrating that one can both work and prepare simultaneously. His stunning achievement of securing the 61st rank in the UPSC 2017 examination left an indelible mark on the chronicles of UPSC success stories.

A Positive Approach to Dual Challenges

In a candid conversation with Delhi Knowledge Track, Manish elucidated on the advantages of juggling work and UPSC preparations. According to him, being employed while preparing injects a sense of positivity. This arises from the security a job provides, ensuring that the looming fear of uncertainty post-failure doesn’t hamper the preparation.

Mastering Time and Persistence

Manish candidly admitted that balancing a job with UPSC preparations wasn’t a walk in the park. However, his mantra was simple: harness every available moment and immerse in diligent studies. Rather than getting overwhelmed by the enormity of the task, Manish believed in making the most of the time at hand, ensuring that every hour was used productively.

Reverence for Past and Vision for the Future

When quizzed about his decision to pivot from a stable job to the realm of civil services, Manish responded with grace and clarity. He stressed the importance of respecting one’s past roles and decisions. For him, the transition wasn’t about escaping a job but a genuine urge to contribute on a larger scale and make a more profound impact.

IAS Manish Kumar
IAS Manish Kumar

In essence, Manish Kumar’s journey resonates with many young aspirants who juggle multiple responsibilities. His success story underscores the belief that with a clear vision, proper planning, and relentless hard work, one can indeed conquer even the loftiest of dreams.