With November 2023 just around the corner, bank customers across India need to brace themselves for an unusual month. Instead of the regular couple of days off, banks in various regions of the country will remain closed for several days in November. This may pose some inconvenience to customers with important banking tasks.

To plan your banking activities, it’s essential to be aware of the upcoming bank holidays. As per the Reserve Bank of India (RBI)’s website, there are a total of 9 holidays in various states for November 2023. When you add the usual second and fourth Saturdays, plus Sundays, the number of non-working days for banks reaches 15.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the bank holidays in November 2023:

  • November 1: Banks in Imphal, Bengaluru, and Shimla will be closed due to Kannada Rajyotsava, Kut festival, and Karva Chauth.
  • November 5: Sunday – All states.
  • November 10: Banks in Shillong will observe Wangala festival.
  • November 13: Celebrations of Govardhan Puja, Lakshmi Puja, and Diwali will see banks closed in cities like Agartala, Imphal, Kanpur, and more.
  • November 14: Diwali and its associated festivities will result in bank closures in cities such as Ahmedabad, Gangtok, Nagpur, Bengaluru, and Mumbai.
  • November 15: Observances like Bhai Dooj, Chitragupta Jayanti, and Lakshmi Puja will lead to bank closures in cities like Imphal, Kanpur, Kolkata, and more.
  • November 27: Guru Nanak Jayanti and Kartik Purnima will be celebrated, leading to bank closures in numerous cities across India, including Agartala, Chandigarh, Mumbai, and more.
bank close
bank close

Tips for Bank Customers During Holidays:

If you have pressing banking tasks lined up, fret not. Even during bank holidays, the RBI ensures that customer convenience remains a priority. You can always avail online services via net banking. Furthermore, ATMs across the country will function as usual, ensuring that customers can access their funds when required.

Sonu Roy is originally a resident of Samastipur district of Bihar, has been working as a writer in digital journalism for the last 4 years. In his career of 4 years, he has good experience from politics, automobile, motivation, sports to technology field.