Kangana Ranaut Trolled: Kangana Ranaut, Bollywood’s fearless and unapologetic actress, has been the talk of the town lately, thanks to her latest cinematic offering, ‘Tejas’. Released on October 27th, the film, though receiving positive feedback from a segment of the audience, hasn’t quite mirrored the same success in terms of box office collections.

Despite the film’s aggressive promotional campaign led by Kangana herself, the numbers haven’t met expectations. In response, the actress took to social media in a bid to bolster viewership. A video featuring Kangana, where she can be seen earnestly folding her hands, has been circulating rapidly. In the clip, she appeals to fans, urging them to visit theaters and watch ‘Tejas’.

Kangana, in her heartfelt video, expressed concerns about the Hindi film industry’s still-recovering state in the post-Covid era. She made a point to draw parallels between ‘Tejas’ and other notable movies like ‘Uri’, ‘Nirja’, and ‘Mary Kom’, suggesting that fans of these films would surely appreciate the content and essence of ‘Tejas’.

However, while many applauded the actress’s sincerity and commitment to her craft, some netizens couldn’t help but comment with a pinch of sarcasm, alluding to ‘karma’ and drawing connections to her past outspoken remarks on various subjects.

Kangana Ranaut Trolled
Kangana Ranaut Trolled

In the constantly evolving world of entertainment, where film successes often hinge on various unpredictable factors, Kangana’s heartfelt plea showcases the passion artists hold for their work. Whether ‘Tejas’ ultimately finds its mark in box office history remains to be seen, but Kangana’s dedication is unmistakable.

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