Tejas Box Office Collection Day 3: Bollywood’s fierce and ever-versatile actress, Kangana Ranaut, returned to the silver screen on October 27 with her latest film, “Tejas.” The movie’s release was met with a great deal of anticipation, given Kangana’s reputation for choosing powerful roles and delivering impactful performances.

However, despite the heavy promotions and the buzz around it, “Tejas” seemed to stumble right out of the gate. In the film, Kangana dons the character of ‘Tejas Gill’, a role many believed would resonate well with her fanbase. Unfortunately, the movie’s reception on its debut day hinted otherwise, struggling to captivate and entertain the masses.

On its premiere day, “Tejas” managed a modest collection of Rs 1.25 crore. While the first day did not set the cash registers ringing as expected, the movie witnessed a slight uptick on its second day, securing Rs 1.30 crore. Though this increase is minimal, it did offer a glimmer of hope.

However, Sainik India’s recent box office report seems to throw cold water on those hopes. The third day of its release saw “Tejas” amassing a total of Rs 3.80 crore. This brings its cumulative earnings, over the span of its initial three days, to a somewhat underwhelming Rs 3.80 crore.

The figures are a surprise, especially when one considers Kangana’s previous box office successes. It remains to be seen whether “Tejas” can regain momentum in the coming days or if it will continue on this muted trajectory.

Tejas Box Office Collection Day 3
Tejas Box Office Collection Day 3

In summary, “Tejas”, despite its promise and Kangana’s strong on-screen presence, has had a lukewarm reception during its initial box office run. Only time will tell if the movie can pick up pace or if it will remain as one of the few blips in Kangana’s otherwise illustrious career.

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