There was a time when the prestigious Royal Enfield Bullet could be acquired for just a handful of pennies. Looking at its old billing, you’d surely be left in awe of how times have changed. The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 stands as an iconic representation among India’s top motorcycles. For decades, it has continued to win the hearts of enthusiasts, embodying a blend of tradition and modernity.

While it has undergone numerous design updates over the years, the essence of the Bullet remains true to its original form. This consistency is perhaps what has kept the love for it unwavering among its fans. As the company updated its features, the popularity of the motorcycle remained intact. Today, it’s more advanced than ever and has subsequently seen a hike in its price point.

Currently, the Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is priced between ₹1,50,795 and ₹1,65,715 (ex-showroom), with its on-road price hovering around ₹1.8 lakh. However, a recent revelation has left many astonished. A bill from 1986, which recently surfaced on social media, displayed an on-road price of just ₹18,700 for the Bullet. This billing from nearly 37 years ago originated from Sandeep Auto Company located in Jharkhand.

It’s noteworthy to mention that back in 1986, the bike was simply known as the ‘Enfield Bullet’. From its inception, it was considered a reliable motorcycle. But today, it’s recognized by the moniker ‘Royal Enfield Bullet 350’. Being the oldest model in the Royal Enfield portfolio, the Bullet now comes in two variants – the Bullet 350 and the Bullet 350 ES.

Royal Enfield
Royal Enfield

The contemporary Bullet 350 boasts a curb weight of up to 191 kilograms. It’s available in six vibrant color options, including Onyx Black, Bullet Silver, Regal Red, Royal Blue, and Jet Black. Accommodating a 13.5-liter fuel tank, this bike can achieve an impressive mileage of up to 37.17 kmpl. The Royal Enfield Bullet’s journey is a testament to how legacy, combined with evolution, can withstand the test of time.

Sonu Roy is originally a resident of Samastipur district of Bihar, has been working as a writer in digital journalism for the last 4 years. In his career of 4 years, he has good experience from politics, automobile, motivation, sports to technology field.