In the heart of Kursela, an inspiring story of grit and perseverance unfolds, where an auto-rickshaw driver’s dream for his daughter culminates in her becoming a Sub-Divisional Welfare Officer.

Achieving Glory for Kursela:

Nestled in Ward 13 AG Bazar of Nagar Panchayat, resides Vandana Kumari, whose recent accomplishment in the 67th combined competitive examination by BPSC has been the talk of the town. Her achievement, while personal, has also illuminated her block area, painting a picture of hope and ambition for many.

Third Time’s the Charm:

Success, as they say, comes to those who are relentless in their pursuits. Vandana’s journey wasn’t easy, but her determination shone brightly. After two prior attempts, her relentless perseverance paid off in the 67th BPSC exam, landing her the esteemed position of Sub-Divisional Welfare Officer.

Educational Odyssey:

Tracing back Vandana’s academic voyage, she initiated her educational journey at Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya in Begusarai. Her thirst for knowledge then led her to the prestigious Miranda House of Delhi University for graduation. Post her graduation, she chose the bustling streets of Delhi as her base for BPSC preparation, a decision that eventually led to her glorious success.

The Pillars of Support:

Every success story often has unsung heroes behind the scenes. For Vandana, it was her father, Vinay Kumar Gupta, who navigated the streets of Kursela in his auto-rickshaw, not just for livelihood but to fuel his daughter’s dreams. His hard work and dedication were complemented by the unwavering support of Vandana’s mother, Snehlata Devi, a dedicated housewife who stood like a rock beside her daughter.

BPSC Topper Vandana Kumari

Vandana Kumari’s success story resonates beyond her personal achievement. It stands as a testament to the undying spirit of parents who go to great lengths to support their children’s dreams, and of individuals who, against all odds, strive to achieve their aspirations. In the alleys of Kursela, this tale will be recounted for generations, inspiring many more to dream big and persevere.