12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 3: The cinematic landscape witnessed a fresh wave of enthusiasm as Vikrant Massey’s much-anticipated film “12th Fail” made its grand entry into theatres on October 27. The film’s performance during its initial days at the box office offers a glimpse into its reception and the magnetic allure of its story.

On its debut, “12th Fail” managed to rake in an impressive Rs 1.11 crore. The figure itself speaks volumes about the eagerness among the audience to embrace the narrative. However, the movie’s charm didn’t just end on the first day. As the weekend approached, the film’s allure seemed to intensify. On the second day, which was a Saturday, the film witnessed a surge in its earnings, collecting a sum of Rs 2.51 crore.

Sacknilk’s early trend reports, a trusted source for box office updates, revealed that the film continued its upward trajectory on Sunday. The numbers for the third day are truly commendable, with “12th Fail” garnering Rs 2.80 crore.

Taking stock of the film’s initial three days, “12th Fail” has successfully amassed a remarkable total of Rs 6.42 crore. This financial feat is not just a testament to the film’s captivating storyline and Massey’s compelling performance, but also to the team behind the scenes who worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life.

Further bolstering the movie’s appeal is the U certificate it received from the Censor Board. This certification ensures that “12th Fail” can be enjoyed by audiences of all age groups, expanding its reach and potential for even greater box office success.

12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 3
12th Fail Box Office Collection Day 3

“12th Fail” has not only passed but excelled in its initial box office test. With Vikrant Massey at the helm and a storyline that resonates with many, it’s clear that the film’s journey has only just begun.

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