Amour, a region synonymous with aspiration and determination, finds its pride in the young and talented Arshad Nadeem. Recently, Nadeem secured the 759th position in the 67th BPSC competitive examination, establishing himself as a beacon of hope and symbol of achievement for his village and district.

Roots in Purniya:

Arshad hails from Sarvaili village, nestled under the Bada Idgah Panchayat of the Amour block in the Purniya district. Born to Anwarul Haq, a retired teacher, and Nasreen Begum, Arshad’s accomplishment has not only brought joy to his immediate family but also enhanced the reputation of the entire region.

Legacy of Education:

Preparing in the bustling capital, Delhi, for his competitive exams, Arshad shares fond memories of his father. As a retired educator, Anwarul Haq had an unwavering belief in the power of education and aspired that his children would obtain higher qualifications to contribute meaningfully to society.

Family’s Tradition of Service:

Arshad is not alone in his quest for societal betterment. He proudly mentions that his siblings have embraced the teaching profession, enlightening communities with knowledge. Notably, his brother, Mohd. Ejaz Alam, marked another significant achievement for the family by securing a position through the Jharkhand Public Service Commission in 2017. Alam now dons the hat of a trainee BDO after ascending to the role of SDM.

Journey to Success:

Arshad’s resilience is commendable. He reminisces about his previous attempts at the BPSC examination. After successfully clearing the preliminary round four times, his relentless perseverance bore fruit when he conquered the main examination, followed by the interview, to secure the 759th rank. Today, he proudly steps into his role as the Welfare Officer of SC and ST at the block level.

BPSC Topper Arshad Nadeem

Guiding Lights:

Arshad credits his achievements to the constant guidance from his parents and siblings. Their wisdom and insights have been the pillars upon which his success stands. He believes that while the journey to success can be arduous, with grit and determination, nothing is unattainable.

Advice for Aspirants:

With the wisdom of his experiences, Nadeem emphasizes the importance of targeted and consistent preparation. He is a testament to the fact that with unwavering focus and an unbreakable spirit, success is guaranteed.

In Arshad Nadeem, Amour finds not just a success story but also an inspiration for countless others who dream big and strive hard.