Honda Activa: A Reigning Champ in the Scooter Market

Honda Activa: The Honda Activa stands as a paragon of popularity in the scooter market of India. With a unique design that sets it apart, it is powered by an advanced technology-based engine, testifying to Honda’s commitment to innovation and performance.

If one decides to venture into the market to purchase a brand-new Honda Activa, it would set them back by approximately 80,000 rupees. However, for those looking for a more budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, the online platform Olx might just be the answer. The website boasts a wide variety of bikes and scooters, and among them, several models of Honda Activa are available at attractive prices.

For instance, a 2013 model of Honda Activa is currently on sale on Olx. This scooter, having been driven for 10,305 kilometers, is in remarkable condition and is priced at just 10,000 rupees.

Similarly, various 2012 models are available, with one driven for 10,974 kilometers priced at 15,000 rupees, another with 40,000 kilometers on the odometer available for 17,500 rupees, and yet another driven for 19,000 kilometers priced at 23,000 rupees.

For those interested in slightly newer models, there’s a 2015 Honda Activa, having clocked 23,000 kilometers, available for 26,999 rupees. Additionally, a 2018 model, with a usage of 10,500 kilometers, is on sale for 38,000 rupees.

While the Honda Activa‘s brand-new models continue to capture the fascination of many with their advanced features and design, the second-hand market, particularly platforms like Olx, provides ample opportunities for individuals to own this iconic scooter at more affordable prices. Whether new or old, the Honda Activa remains a symbol of reliability and style in the Indian scooter landscape.

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Honda Activa


– The Honda Activa is the most popular scooter in the Indian market, known for its unique design and advanced technology engine.
– Second-hand Honda Activa scooters are available for sale on the Olx website at different prices based on their model, condition, and usage.
– The prices of the used scooters range from 10,000 rupees to 38,000 rupees.
– Different models, including 2013, 2012, and 2015, are available for purchase on the website.
– The mileage of the scooters ranges from 10,305 kilometers to 40,000 kilometers.
– Buyers have the option to purchase the Honda Activa at a lower budget by opting for older models available on the website.
– The condition of the scooters is described as good, and they have been driven for a certain number of kilometers.

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