Force Citiline: The Spacious 10-Seater Vehicle

In the ever-expanding automobile market, vehicles are predominantly designed with the nuclear family in mind, making it a challenge for larger families to find suitable vehicles. Addressing this gap, Force Motors recently introduced its first 10-seater passenger car in the Indian market, named the Force Citiline. The vehicle is perceived as an excellent choice for families given its spacious seating.

What makes the Force Citiline unique? Firstly, it’s an updated version of the well-known Force Trax Cruiser. All seats in this new car are forward-facing, ensuring that passengers don’t feel like they’re in a taxi.

When it comes to the engine, the Force Citiline 10 Seater is powered by a robust 2.6-liter diesel engine capable of producing 91hp and a maximum torque of 250 Nm. This engine is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. With a 63.5-liter fuel tank and weighing in at 3140 kg, the vehicle promises a remarkable mileage of 17 km per liter, as claimed by the company. Its exterior somewhat resembles the design of the Tata Sumo.

Dimensions wise, the Force Citiline spans a length of 5120mm, width of 1818mm, and height of 2027mm. It comes with a wheelbase of 3050mm and a ground clearance of 191mm, presenting an imposing stance.

Price is always a deciding factor for many. The 2023 Force Citiline is available in a single variant priced at ₹15,93,953. Surprisingly, in this price range, many models of the Creta are available, and the top variant of the Creta is even ₹3 lakhs more expensive than the Force Citiline.

The Force Citiline 10 Seater offers an affordable and spacious vehicle option for larger families, challenging the status quo in the automobile market.

Force Citiline
Force Citiline

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