Hero Xpulse 400: Hero MotoCorp is set to enter the premium motorcycle segment with several new models that will be launched next year. As a leading domestic two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero currently dominates the entry-level motorcycle market and holds the title of the best-selling two-wheeler brand in India. Among its upcoming premium offerings, the Hero Xpulse 400 Adventure holds a prominent position as it will compete in the highly competitive adventure segment, which is currently thriving in the domestic market.

The Hero Xpulse 400 Adventure was first spotted during testing in Ladakh last year, sparking rumors about its impending launch. Recently, a test prototype of the bike was spotted again in the hills of Jaipur. It is no secret that Hero is working to revamp its Xpulse lineup, and there is a possibility that the current Xpulse 200 4V will also receive a new 210cc liquid-cooled engine.

As for the larger 400cc Xpulse, the latest test model appears similar to the previous test bike from last year. The bike exudes a robust and muscular look, significantly larger than its 200cc counterpart, featuring a muscular fuel tank and an off-road biased rear tire. The front wheel is a definite 21-inch size. Details about the engine of the Hero Xpulse 400 are still under wraps, and no clues have been found yet from the testing prototypes.

In this regard, there are two extensive possibilities. Depending on the demand in the segment, Hero could either equip the bike with a new 400cc liquid-cooled engine or opt for the engine from the Harley-Davidson XG400. Opting for the former would position the bike to compete directly with its rivals, the upcoming Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 and the KTM 390 Adventure, which both feature liquid-cooled engines.

Alternatively, going with the latter engine option would help to keep costs in check, resulting in a more affordable price tag. It remains to be seen which path Hero will choose for the Xpulse 400. The Hero Xpulse 400 Adventure is expected to be launched in 2024 and will be sold through the brand’s premium dealership network.

Hero Xpulse 400
Hero Xpulse 400


– Hero MotoCorp will launch the XPulse 400 Adventure to compete with the Himalayan 450 and 390 Adventure next year.
– Hero MotoCorp is currently a leader in the entry-level motorcycle segment and is the most selling motorcycle brand in the Indian market.
– The XPulse 400 Adventure was first spotted in Ladakh during testing last year, creating anticipation for its launch.
– Hero is also working on updating the XPulse lineup, including the possibility of a new 210cc liquid-cooled engine for the XPulse 200 4V.
– The XPulse 400 Adventure features front USD forks, rear mono-shock, wire-spoke rims, LED lighting setup, and a digital instrument cluster.
– The engine details for the XPulse 400 are still unknown.
– It is speculated that the XPulse 400 could be powered by a new 400cc liquid-cooled engine or the engine from the Harley-Davidson X440.
– The XPulse 400 will compete with the Royal Enfield Himalayan 452 and KTM 390 Adventure, both of which have liquid-cooled engines.
– The choice of engine will affect the pricing of the XPulse 400.
– The XPulse 400 is expected to be launched in 2024 and will be sold through the brand’s premium dealership network.

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