Tata Nexon: A Budget-Friendly SUV Option for the Indian Market

Tata Nexon: The growing popularity of SUVs in the Indian vehicle market is undeniable. While they offer numerous benefits, their higher price points often deter potential buyers, especially those on a tight budget. However, there’s a solution for those longing for the comfort and utility of an SUV without breaking the bank.

Enter the Tata Nexon, a remarkable SUV that has garnered attention for its affordability and performance. A key highlight is the availability of its previous models for sale on the Carwale website, allowing interested buyers to choose a pre-owned Tata Nexon that fits within their budget.

Tata Nexon For instance:

  • A 2017 diesel model of Tata Nexon, with a mileage of 1,36,000 kilometers, is available for just 5.25 lakh rupees. Additionally, it can be acquired through a finance plan at a monthly EMI of 9,449 rupees.
  • A 2017 petrol version, having covered 43,525 kilometers, can be yours for 5.5 lakh rupees or a monthly EMI of 9,899 rupees.
  • A 2018 petrol model, with a distance of 55,000 kilometers clocked, is priced at 5.75 lakh rupees with an EMI option of 10,349 rupees.
  • Another 2018 petrol Nexon, after covering 52,000 kilometers, is up for grabs at 5.95 lakh rupees or an installment of 10,709 rupees monthly.

If you’ve been postponing your SUV dream due to budget constraints, the Tata Nexon’s pre-owned models might just be the perfect fit for you.

Tata Nexon
Tata Nexon


– The demand for SUVs has increased in the Indian vehicle market.
– SUVs are more expensive compared to regular cars, making it difficult for many people to afford them.
– Tata Nexon, an SUV, is available for sale on the Carwale website at discounted prices.
– A 2017 model diesel engine SUV can be purchased for Rs 5.25 lakhs or financed at a monthly EMI of Rs 9,449.
– A 2017 model petrol engine SUV is available for purchase for Rs 5.5 lakhs or financed at a monthly EMI of Rs 9,899.
– There are also 2018 model SUVs available at different prices and finance options on the Carwale website.

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