iPhone: The Indian corporate landscape experienced a significant shift as the Tata Group made a grand move in the technology domain. They have acquired the Wistron plant, a key hub for iPhone assembly in India. With this acquisition, Tata Group has stepped into the realm of producing and assembling iPhones in the country.

Tata’s Vision for iPhone Manufacturing

Rajeev Chandrashekhar, while commenting on platform X, illuminated the broader vision of Tata regarding this acquisition. He stated, “Within a mere span of two and a half years, Tata companies will commence the manufacturing of iPhones from India.” Notably, this isn’t just about catering to the domestic market. Tata has its sights set on the global market as well, signifying their ambition to make India a pivotal center for Apple’s global supply chain.

Deal Dynamics: The Wistron Plant

As per the available reports, the acquisition cost for the Wistron factory stands at an estimated $125 million. The magnitude of the deal showcases Tata Group’s commitment to scaling its technological ventures. It’s interesting to note that the seeds of this acquisition were sown a year ago, as discussions between the Tata Group and Wistron have been in the pipeline for the last twelve months. The plant, which has garnered attention for producing the iPhone-14 model, is now under the aegis of Tata.

A Brief Look at Wistron’s Journey in India

Wistron made its foray into the Indian market in 2008. Initially, their focus was on providing repair facilities for various electronic devices. However, recognizing the burgeoning potential of the Indian market and its strategic importance in the global supply chain, Wistron expanded its operations in 2017. This move marked the beginning of their journey in producing iPhones for Apple, a venture that garnered them significant recognition and success.


Tata Group’s acquisition of the Wistron plant marks a significant milestone for both the conglomerate and India’s manufacturing landscape. It reflects the country’s growing prominence in the global technology market. As Tata embarks on this new venture, it not only cements its position in the tech industry but also contributes to the broader “Make in India” vision.

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