Corning cover glass: India’s “Make in India” initiative is steadily gaining momentum, drawing attention from major global players. In an exciting development, Corning, a renowned company specializing in screen-protecting glass for smartphones, is set to begin its manufacturing journey in India from 2024.

Potential Manufacturing Hubs: Tamil Nadu or Telangana

Corning’s entry into the Indian manufacturing landscape is likely to be rooted in either Tamil Nadu or Telangana. These states are becoming hotspots for technological investments. Once operational, Corning, in collaboration with its partners, will focus on producing both front and back glass for smartphones. Considering Corning’s global stature, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s among the most prominent glass-making entities worldwide.

Corning’s Comprehensive Portfolio

In a recent statement, Corning’s Senior Vice President, John Bayne, emphasized the company’s diversified range of offerings. He mentioned that Corning possesses a “full portfolio” of cover glasses. This means Indian consumers can expect a wide array of products catering to all segments – right from budget-friendly smartphones to the more premium range.

Corning and Opiemus: A Potent Collaboration

While Corning is a name most tech enthusiasts are familiar with, its association with Opiemus brings another dimension to this venture. Opiemus, managed by Ace Mobile, is a reputed infracom firm in the country. Their portfolio isn’t limited to just manufacturing; they also produce screen guards, power banks, mobile covers, and various other accessories integral to mobile usage.

Opiemus’s Established Presence in India

Opiemus isn’t a newcomer to the Indian manufacturing scene. With three manufacturing plants already active in the nation, the company has been producing a plethora of products. This includes accessories and components not just for smartphones but also for tablets, wearables, and laptops.

Corning cover glass
Corning cover glass

Corning’s decision to manufacture in India is emblematic of the country’s growing prominence as a global manufacturing hub. The combined expertise of Corning and Opiemus promises to enhance the quality and range of smartphone glasses available to Indian consumers. With such formidable collaborations, India’s “Make in India” vision seems to be on a path of consistent growth and success.

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