Sunny Deol Fees For Ramayana: Following the triumphant reception of ‘Gadar 2’, Sunny Deol, a mainstay of the Bollywood industry, has been riding high on success. However, recent buzz surrounding his remuneration has caught public attention, with many raising eyebrows at his escalating fees.

Adding fuel to the speculation, recent media reports suggest that Deol is poised to make an appearance in the highly anticipated film ‘Ramayana’, directed by the renowned filmmaker Nitesh Tiwari. As per these reports, Deol, riding the waves of his current success, has allegedly made demands for an increased fee to portray the iconic role of Hanuman.

Insiders claim that the ‘Ghayal’ actor has set a staggering price of Rs 45 crore to step into the shoes of Lord Hanuman. This figure has not only shocked the industry insiders but has also caused a stir among the general public. Many believe that such an exorbitant sum is unwarranted, leading to a wave of criticism against the actor.

What’s more intriguing is that Sunny Deol isn’t the only one hiking his fees for ‘Ramayana’. Other cast members are also rumored to have upped their charges, reflecting a trend in the industry where actors capitalize on their current market standing.

Sunny Deol Fees For Ramayana
Sunny Deol Fees For Ramayana

While it remains to be seen how this scenario pans out, one thing is clear: the astronomical fees being quoted for roles in high-budget movies are becoming a talking point, not just within the industry but also among the public. As ‘Ramayana’ progresses, it will be interesting to observe whether these financial demands influence the final cast or shape the production in any significant way.

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