12th Fail Day 1 Box Office Collection: On October 27, cinemas witnessed the release of Vikrant Massey’s much-anticipated movie ’12th Fail’. However, it faced stiff competition, as the same day marked the entrance of Kangana Ranaut’s ‘Tejas’ into theaters. This clash at the box office between two significant films might have played a role in shaping the initial returns for both movies.

’12th Fail’ is not just another film on the cinematic roster. Its storyline revolves around a young man who, despite failing his 12th-grade exams, embarks on an arduous journey filled with hard work and determination, ultimately achieving his dream of becoming an IPS officer. This compelling narrative, combined with Vikrant Massey’s acclaimed acting prowess, raised expectations for the film’s commercial performance.

However, the numbers tell a different story. According to the movie analytics report by “Flick on Click”, ’12th Fail’, which was produced on a budget of Rs 30 crores, managed to muster only Rs 30 lakhs on its inaugural day at the box office. This collection, as mentioned by “Sacknilk”, might come as a surprise to many given the buzz the movie generated pre-release.

While it’s too early to comment on the movie’s overall trajectory, one cannot overlook the competitive landscape it has entered. With ‘Tejas’ also vying for audience attention, ’12th Fail’ might need to rely on positive word-of-mouth and subsequent weekend collections to recover its substantial production costs and emerge successful.

12th Fail Day 1 Box Office Collection
12th Fail Day 1 Box Office Collection

Only time will tell how ’12th Fail’ fares in its theatrical run, but the underlying message of perseverance against all odds echoes loudly, resonating with many. Whether this sentiment translates into box office success remains to be seen.

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