Karisma Kapoor Shocking Revelation: Karisma Kapoor, one of the shining stars of the 90s Bollywood, has carved a niche for herself in the film industry. Renowned for her stellar performances, she has delivered numerous hit films, affirming her position as one of the leading actresses of her time.

The Kapoor lineage is undeniably one of the most illustrious families in Bollywood. With luminaries like Prithviraj Kapoor, Shashi Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, and Rishi Kapoor, it’s a family steeped in cinematic history. But at the heart of this legacy stands Raj Kapoor, Karisma’s beloved grandfather.

However, beneath the glamour and achievements, not all memories are pleasant. In a recent disclosure, Karisma shed light on a lesser-known facet of Raj Kapoor’s behavior. The revelation, which has now caught the attention of the media, involves Raj Kapoor’s habit of pulling women’s hair.

Drawing a parallel to her own experience, Karisma recalled a poignant moment from her film ‘Raja Hindustani’. The scene in question saw Aamir Khan, her co-star, pulling her hair with considerable force. Aamir, known for his dedication to authenticity, was evidently uncomfortable enacting this scene. He was apprehensive about causing distress to Karisma, reflecting a marked contrast to the behavior Karisma highlighted about her grandfather.

The revelation serves as a testament to the evolving attitudes and sensibilities in the film industry. While Raj Kapoor’s behavior might have been overlooked in a different era, today’s actors like Aamir Khan show a heightened sensitivity to the feelings and comfort of their colleagues.

Karishma Kapoor
Karishma Kapoor

Karisma’s openness in discussing this matter showcases the shifting dynamics in Bollywood, where individuals are now more willing to discuss uncomfortable truths, even if they pertain to revered figures. It’s a step towards a more transparent and accountable film fraternity.

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