Embarking on the challenging journey of UPSC is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Himadri Kaushik’s narrative is a testament to perseverance, clarity, and determination.

Himadri’s First Step Towards Excellence:

Himadri Kaushik wasn’t a stranger to academic achievements. In the 2018 UPSC Civil Services Examination, she didn’t just clear the test; she soared, securing the 97th rank. Interestingly, this wasn’t her first tryst with the prestigious examination. Himadri had tasted success before, and both times, her impressive performance in the interview was a standout.

Foundation in Engineering:

Himadri’s academic journey began with a strong foundation in engineering. Graduating in 2015, she obtained her degree in Chemical Engineering from BITS Goa. That same year, she took her first shot at the UPSC examination.

Initial Hiccups:

Despite clearing the preliminary round in her first attempt, Himadri faced setbacks in the main examination. However, instead of being disheartened, she channeled her energy and diligently prepared for another year. Her efforts bore fruit in 2016 when she secured the 304th rank, earning a position in the Indian Revenue Service, followed by her training initiation.

Taking Calculated Risks:

2017 saw Himadri taking a calculated step back from the UPSC race. It was a year of introspection and strategizing. By 2018, her determination was unwavering. She applied for leave from her IRS training and decided to retake the examination. This decision was a game-changer as she secured the admirable 97th rank that year.

Cracking the Interview Code:

According to Himadri, the interview segment is pivotal in the UPSC journey. Reflecting on her experiences, she emphasizes a few key points for aspirants. It’s essential to remain earnest during discussions, ensuring answers directly address the questions posed. Moreover, if confronted with an unfamiliar query, it’s always better to gracefully admit ignorance with a smile. Himadri believes in presenting balanced responses, avoiding extremes, and demonstrating an understanding of nuances.

IAS Himadri Kaushik
IAS Himadri Kaushik

In the competitive landscape of UPSC, Himadri Kaushik’s journey from an engineer to a topper serves as a beacon of inspiration for countless aspirants. It’s a story of tenacity, smart choices, and, most importantly, self-belief.