PAK vs SA: The landscape of cricket is such that a thrilling match often leaves behind more questions than answers, especially for the losing side. After Pakistan’s heart-wrenching defeat against South Africa, many pointed fingers at captain Babar Azam. Nevertheless, Mickey Arthur, Pakistan’s head coach, has jumped to the defense of his team’s leader.

The Unwavering Support:

Criticism has been steadily pouring in after Pakistan’s loss. However, echoing a sentiment of unity and belief, Mickey Arthur was quick to stand by Babar Azam. “It’s easy to single out one individual when the team loses, but this is a collective game,” commented Arthur. According to him, while the bowlers put up a stellar performance against the Proteas, the batsmen left much to be desired.

The Chennai Showdown:

PAK vs SA: The game at Chennai was indeed a roller-coaster. Pakistan, batting first, put up a score of 270 runs, folding up in 46.4 overs. South Africa, showcasing grit and determination, chased down the target with just one wicket remaining, in 47.2 overs. A match that will be remembered for its intensity and the sheer will of both sides.

Pakistan’s Diminishing Semifinal Dreams:

This loss was not just another tick in the ‘L’ column for Pakistan. It marked their fourth consecutive defeat, pushing their dreams of a semifinal berth further into the realm of uncertainty. The once-mighty team seems to be faltering when it matters the most.

Arthur’s Take on The Matter:

PAK vs SA: Arthur’s post-match press conference was charged with emotions and reflections. Addressing the criticism directed towards Babar, he mentioned, “A collective game can’t be boiled down to individual performances. Our bowling was on point today, but the batsmen couldn’t capitalize.” He further added that, while the effort from the team was palpable, the form of key players has been a concern. “It’s easy to critique from the outside, but if critics could witness the sheer effort and dedication of individuals like Babar, Inzamam ul Haq, and the team management, perhaps they would be more considerate,” he concluded.


In the world of sports, especially a game as unpredictable as cricket, ups and downs are part and parcel of the journey. While the road ahead seems rocky for Pakistan, the support from the team’s management for its captain sends out a strong message of unity and determination. Only time will tell if this unity translates into on-field success.

Image Credit – outlookindia